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Everyday Quartet

Everyday Quartet
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A four pack of two of our favorite everyday wines!

This quartet includes two bottles each of Claim House Red & On The Line white wines, plus printed tasting notes with pairing suggestions. The Claim House Red is named after the "Claim House" which still stands (and is where Kirsty lives) on the historic Blenheim farm property. This original purpose of this house was to "claim" the land before there were more sophisticated ways of doing so. This house now sits next to our estate "Claim Vineyard".

The Claim House Red is a blend of 30% Cabernet Franc, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 15% Petit Verdot. Aged 30% aged in oak barrels, with notes of cranberry, blueberry compote, tea leaf.

The On the Line white wine is a limited release made by Blenheim Vineyards with label design by Dave Matthews in support of Frontline Foods and the World Central Kitchen, known around the globe as “Food First Responders” serving millions of meals each year. Proceeds will be donated to serve healthy meals for first responders and others in need.

This wine is a blend of 67% Viognier, 19% Chasselas Doré, 14% Rkatsiteli, with notes of dried apricot, yellow pear, meyer lemon.