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Welcome to the Oenoverse

What is Oenoverse [ee-nuh-verse]?

A brand new Oeno [Latin word for wine] Club intended to spur conversation and education about wine for beginners and professionals alike. Part conversation, part community, and ALL about wine! Join us in becoming a true "Oenophile" [ ee-nuh-fahyl ]: a person who enjoys wine.

What do you get by joining the Oenoverse?

Members will receive four Blenheim wines bi-monthly (every two months) selected by a rotating Sommelier, Wine Enthusiast, or Wine Professional including printed tasting notes and personal food pairing suggestions for each wine. These bundles are $65 each when subscribing for the year. The same bundles are available à la carte, but without the discounted rate. Oenoverse members also receive 15% off ALL bottles of Blenheim Vineyards bottles wine and two complimentary wine tastings or one glass of wine during each visit to the tasting room.

Event entry for two people is included for all of the in-person tasting event led by each of the five wine professionals throughout the year. Reggie Leonard is officially our event MC and will introduce each guest and help tell their story. Dates and details to be announced soon!

These bundles may be shipped within the US (shipping charges apply) or picked up at the winery beginning on the first of each applicable month (March, May, July, September, November). Credit cards will also be charged for subscribing members on the 1st of each of these months. You may cancel at anytime by emailing oenoverse@blenheimvineyards.com.